About Us

Crafted amidst the enchanting ateliers of Milan, the House of Duti stands as a testament to the legacy of plush and sophistication. Each conscientiously designed piece and luxury fabric has come to define our signature aesthetic, renowned for an impeccable, couture finish.


Made in Italy

Produced and perfected amidst the fashion capital, Milan, Duti promises to infuse your wardrobe with unparalleled chic. our brand resonates with the spirit of Italian glamour, creating a perfect equilibrium between timeless elegance and an inherently modern feeling.


Timeless Silhouettes

Every capsule is composed of a selection of timeless pieces characterised by clean silhouettes and unique colors, designed for a versatile and seasonless mix and match with intentional sustainability.


Our Philosophy

We assure our customers are empowered when they wear DUTI, finding a brand that speaks to their values and dress them for who they are. DUTI is desire; desired by women. With our style, we craft a community of empowered women.